Visitor Reviews

Read some reviews from our happy customers!

Super fun and challenging experience. Went through the Bank Heist with a wide range of ages and we all had a blast! Cannot wait to try the other ones.


Natalie Marie

This place is super fun. It’s a puzzle of wits to find clues to ultimately escape the real life scenario you are trapped in. Fast paced puzzle solving action!!


Brian Gillespie

What a great night! I highly recommend the rooms! So much down to the wire nail biting suspense! Who needs dinner and a movie?! This is your best night out!


Niki Johnson

We loved it! Such an exciting experience and tons of fun! Definitely will recommend to friends and family. We will return again soon


Krystle LeClaire

We had so much fun in Aunt Edna’s condo! We had no idea what to expect which was part of the fun. First of all, NO, it is not scary. I think when people hear that you are locked


Amy Gulbranson

So much fun. What a great way to spend an anniversary with my lady. My brain got a work out. The staff was so helpful. Thanks Escape 605!!!


Le Bender

Had a great time solving the puzzles in one of the rooms tonight. I will definitely be back to try another!!


Katie Postma

Was able to experience one of the escape rooms and had a great time doing so. Great team building experience!


Tasha Gacke

What a great team building experience I highly recommended any group or business to try it.


Lynda Hammerstorm Johnson

We thought it was a great team building activity! Can’t wait to try to another room!


Heather Groos

HAD an awesome time testing the rooms and I am looking forward to getting work with all the great people that will come through escape!


Dillion Thompson

It was awesome. We did this as a team builder exercise and had a great time. Well done!


Nicholas Blau

Such a fun experience! Definitely worth checking out!


Krystle Bittinger-LeClaire

I did the escape room as a birthday celebration for my mom, with 3 of her friends and my brother also in attendance. This was super fun! Everyone enjoyed it, and we were able to escape Aunt Edna’s Condo

My girlfriend and one of my best friends heard about these live escape rooms on the radio and we weren’t sure about them at first because we hadn’t done anything like them before and the admission was a tad


Skyler P

My daughter came up with the idea to try this for her Mom’s birthday. As a family, we tried it. It was fun and they did a nice job making it a special birthday for her.


Dennis Everett

This activity was so much fun!! We had a great time and got our adrenaline pumping! Definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to solve clues and have a great time with friends and family!


Tiana Hamilton

We just did this with a group of friends and we LOVED it! If you love puzzles, this is for you!!


Danielle Frazeur

Absolutely brilliant!! Did this with friends and had a blast!!


K-La Ann

Highly recommend!!!! Took 6 – 6th graders and it was fun to see how they group problem solve! Made it out with 3 minutes to spare. Aunt Edna’s Condo. They loved it!!!!


Jeanne Klein Kuiper

We just did this for my sisters birthday and had no idea what to expect and we were pleasantly surprised! It was an awesome time!! We can’t wait to go back and do the other room!! So much fun


Laura Winchester King

This is a great time for everybody. We decided to make a stop at Escape 605 during our bachelor party, and all the guys had a lot of fun. I would recommend this to any group of friends, family


Mitch Bergman

Thanks for the great time! Our varsity boys basketball team had a lot of fun. Was a unique way to do some team building. Highly recommend this experience!


Gail Underwood Coulter

We had such a great time. Robbing banks with my kids might not be something a parent should be doing. Ha! But we sure had fun working as a team to figure things out. Great fun!


Becky Binger Covert

We had a great time and they went above and beyond to customize our Bank Heist for a co-worker who was leaving us! Definitely recommend Escape 605 for a special occasion and looking forward to checking out the next


Mary Becker

Great experience and amazing concept. I’ve never experienced anything like this and definitely WILL go again.


Nick Baier

Had a great time escaping the Bank Heist! Had to use clues to get out, but we can’t wait to try another room soon!


Kara Meisinger

Excellent facilities, easy to book and work with, and definitely challenging. This was way better than I even anticipated. Well done.


Rob Simmermon

We had a great time. We will for sure be back!


Alli Letson

Absolute blast!! We’ll be back again. It’s addicting!


Mary Dahm Timmer

We had a great time!! Loved the challenges! We will definitely be back!!


Cindy Hanisch

We had a blast! So close to beating the record! Definitely doing it again sometime!


Danielle Schouten

Challenging but a lot of fun. Would love to do this again.


Gene Bennett

This was so much fun and staff was great! Go try it!!


Lindsey Thomas Schliemann

It was a great experience for all of us.. Something different and unique that people can do in Sioux Falls.


Amanda Black

Such a fun and exciting time! Dylan did an excellent job in making the experience worthwhile!


Jillian Estes

So much fun – Dylan did a great job making it a full experience. We’ll for sure be back!


Carly Hegstad

This was one of the best as well one of the most unique days I’ve had in Sioux Falls it’s brilliant!


Sarah Renee