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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some questions before booking a room? There's a good chance someone has already asked it and we've included it below, but if you have any additional questions feel free to send us a message!

What is the price?

$19.95/person plus tax for “Christmas Mission”

$29.95/person plus tax for all other games

Any tips on playing an Escape Room?


Who is this game perfect for?

Friends night out, family outings, companies wanting to enhance their team building, leadership development, improve their team communication, motivation & morale building, tourists, couples, date nights, special celebrations, icebreaking events & ummmmmm…..EVERYONE ages 8 to 108!

Are walk-ins welcome?

Yes!! But at the Empire Mall location only.  However, it is highly recommended that you still make your reservation online in advance to ensure the room you want to play is not sold out!

Our Westport Ave location does not accept walk-ins and all reservations for this location must be done online or over the phone in advance.

What do I need to bring? Do I need any special knowledge, education, etc?

Just your imagination & the willingness to have as much fun as humanly possible!

Can I bring in alcohol?

No, you are no longer allowed to bring alcohol or other beverages with you to Escape 605. Instead, we now offer a variety of drinks including beer and wine if you are interested in purchasing those when you arrive.  If you are playing with strangers, please don’t be “that person” or you will be asked to leave. Cheers!!

What happens if we do escape in time?

YOU ARE A WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!! Congrats! We will have a Leader Board that we will put you on with your winning time & post for all to see so you have bragging rights

What happens if we don’t escape in time?

A trap door will open in the floor & you will be kicked out into the parking lot! Just kidding, seeing if you’re paying attention 🙂 It is up to each party if they want a debriefing on what clues, puzzles they missed, or if they want to sign up and give it another shot.

Do you have a wait list if the time I want to play is already booked?

We sure do!! Email info@Escape605.com & we will add you to our waiting list.

Can I switch my ticket to someone else’s name?

Sure can, but contact us at info@escape605.com to give us a heads up. Every participant has to fill out a waiver prior to playing

What happens if I am late or want to cancel my reservation?

We have to start the rooms on time in order to keep pace with other start times. So if you are late the time will be running. Again, we recommend you arrive 15 minutes prior to your booking. All payments are made at the time of booking & we do not issue refunds.

Can we bring in our phones/belongings?

Unfortunately not, we want you focused on the game not your screen. We have a secure place to put for all your belongings.

Would this be something I could use as a team building experience?

Absolutely!! Escape 605 is the ultimate way for teams to work together as a well oiled teamwork machine to reach the ultimate goal…ESCAPING THE ROOM! Many Sioux Falls’ companies have already booked us for their team building experiences and have had a blast! We are able to accommodate your company during daytime hours outside of our normal business hours. Call 271-7177 or email Info@Escape605.com to let us know when you would like to book your event.

Can I book a private event?

Yes! Just email us at info@escape605.com & we will be in touch to help plan your event.

What if I don’t want to play with strangers?

You can book the entire room to ensure that it is just you & your party.

Will I be playing with strangers?

You may depending on the size of your party. We try to fill rooms to ensure any participants wanting to play get to experience the fun. Also the more teammates the better!!

How many players can play per room?

Each room is different, please see the requirements for each room but most rooms are 2-10 players.

How do I redeem a gift card someone bought me?

Follow the instructions on the voucher redemption email we send you. If you have additional questions call us at 605-271-7717 or email us at info@Escape605.com

Can I buy tickets as a gift?

Sure can! Click here & give the one size fits all gift to all your loved ones.

What do I need to do before arriving?

Simply book your room & time, indicate the number of participants, pay for the room & have each participant fill out the waiver

How long will the experience take?

From beginning to end the entire experience is about 90 minutes. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes early to ensure your entire party has signed the appropriate waivers, the experience is 60 minutes long, & we like to debrief your team after whether you escape the room or not.

What is the age limit?

8 years & older. Ages 8 to 15 will need an adult present & all waivers filled out prior to the booking.

What are your hours?

M – Thurs 5pm-10:30pm
Fri, Sat & Sun 9am-10:30pm
We can book larger parties during our off hours, please email info@Escape605.com & let us know the number of people you have & when you are interested in booking.

What if I am claustrophobic?

You will be fine! One of our owners is super claustrophobic…I mean SUPER CLAUSTROPHOBIC (there isn’t an elevator she has ever met that she likes) & she has sailed through tons of rooms without a care in the world. Remember this is a fun gaming experience & you are in sizable rooms & can leave at ANY TIME!

Are we really locked in?

No. There is an emergency unlock button in each room, but it is more fun to pretend it isn’t there at all, but you can freely leave the room if you want &/or need.

Opening Hours

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MON - THURS........... 5 PM - 10:30 PM
FRI - SUN........... 9 AM - 10:30 PM

Empire Mall Location

MON - SAT.......... 10 AM - 9:00 PM
SUN........... 12 PM - 6 PM
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Escape 605 is a live escape game designed to challenge your mind and senses with clues, puzzles, gadgets and teamwork, all blended together to accomplish one common goal....ESCAPE the room!