Escape Room Games for Corporate Events in Sioux Falls, SD

Looking to be the cool boss?

Why does Google pay their employees to play beach volleyball, bowl, or climb the campus rock wall? The same reason LinkedIn pays their employees to play ping pong at work. Playing at work with co-workers lowers stress levels, increases creativity, and boosts productivity.

Corporate Team-Building with Escape Rooms

Are you a Sioux Falls area company in need of a new and more effective way of providing team morale and effectiveness? A way for your associates to not only learn to work together more efficiently, but have a blast doing so? Or maybe you just want to treat your incredible team to the latest and greatest entertainment venue in Sioux Falls.

Escape room games aren’t just reserved for special occasions. These unique and adventurous scenarios are perfect team-building exercises that involve puzzle-solving, socializing, and competition—all aspects that are required to operate a successful business. And the best part? These escape room games are really fun!

Escape 605 game themes range from bank heists to alien investigations. Click here to check out our full list of escape room games.

You can’t visit us at our Westport Avenue location in Sioux Falls? No problem! Bring Escape 605 to your workplace. Rent an Escape Crate and let the team-building begin.

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If the question is, “How do I build a stronger team?” The answer might just be, “Escape 605.” We welcome any questions via our online contact form or call us at 605-271-7717. If you’re ready to book your corporate event simply click on the button below.

How It Works
  • Multiple lanes of axe throwing for small and large groups.
  • Each room is themed and provides a “backstory”.
  • There are a series of puzzles and clues to solve within a 60-minute time frame.
  • Adrenaline pumping, problem-solving surprises.
  • Friendly and fun leaderboard challenge for bragging rights!

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