The 8 stages you experience before playing your first Escape Game!

by Escape 605 on August 18, 2016

8 Stages Of Emotions In Escape Games

We’ve all been there at some point or another. You’ve just been informed of this crazy and wacky new experience taking a storm across the world. You’re about to play but suddenly you’re overcome with all these emotions.

VisitVault looks at these stages that all first time players can relate too. Here we go…

Stage 1



What indeed! Here you are, going about your business, enjoying your everyday life until that recommendation hits you one day. A friend turns to you and says the words “We should play an Escape game together!!!”

What on Earth is your friend going on about? You are not quite sure whether your friend is out of it or genuinely suggesting something fun to do.

Stage 2


You’ve just endured a gruelling 10 minutes of your life listening to what sounds like the most scary and confusing experience you’ve ever heard of. This is most probably because people don’t know how to explain how an Escape game works well enough without you immediately thinking the worse. Like why would I want to be locked in a room for 60 minutes. I do not want to pay for the privilege of being a part of a remake of the Saw movies.

Stage 3

Go on…

You’ve had another moment to calm down and listen to your friend explain the nature of the game again. This time having it explained properly. You begin to feel intrigued. If your friend loves it so much then what am I missing out on?! You start to feel swayed… Ok let’s do this!

Stage 4


Your friend went ahead and booked a last minute room and you’re heading over there as we speak.

OMG, we are actually doing this!!

You feel the rush and euphoria. The excitement is taking over you! The mixed emotions are getting too much!

You are acting excited but deep down you still have no idea what is going on.

Stage 5

What have I done?!

So you’ve arrived and been briefed by your Game Host. You know everything you need to do but a rush of panic sweeps over you. What have you agreed to do? Is it too late to exit?

From freezing in terror to stalling the briefing to take that last safety wee you know it’s too late to back down. You’ve already taken note of every available exit sign preparing yourself. You’ve asked your Game Host more questions on emergency exits than the gameplay but it’s too late you’re heading in. RIGHT. NOW!

Stage 6


The 60 minutes are up and you’re out. Guess what? YOU SURVIVED!

You don’t care whether you won or lost but you just gained a whole level of trust in your friend!

Stage 7

What? …Again!

The hour flashed so fast you have no idea what happened. You’re back to the same first feeling. Did you enjoy it? What was that all about?

Who knows but let’s get a team picture whilst I process all this!

Stage 8

The Buzz!

You’ve had a little while to process what you’ve just experienced. Your endorphins have slowly started to calm then you finally get what it was all about. The Buzz hits. You know you’ve just experienced something magical. When can you do it again? Right now?!!

You my friend have just got the Buzz! It won’t go away for a while. You’ll find yourself wanting to accomplish more and more games. You’ve got the Buzz and you ain’t ever letting it go.

Thank you for taking the time to read this fun and playful article. We hope you’ve enjoyed it.

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