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Escape 605 Expands and Brings Entertainment to the Empire Mall

Escape 605, an escape room adventure service, is expanding and coming to a mall near you. Not only is the company expanding its original location at 3718 S. Westport Ave, but it's also opening an entirely new location at The Empire Mall, in a 4,000-square foot retail space formerly occupied by Vanity. Escape 605's original location, which opened in 2016, has proven very popular with Sioux Falls residents, including adults, families, and corporations looking to...

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The strange appeal of escape the room games, explained

A screenshot from The Room, a popular mobile “escape the room” game. Tim didn’t understand the need for vowels, as I watched him try to figure out a simple word problem. He tried to pry chess pieces off a chessboard, even after he realized they were glued down. He also attempted to speak to a dead man. My friends and I spent close to an hour with Tim and one of his friends, solving puzzles,...

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The 8 stages you experience before playing your first Escape Game!

 We’ve all been there at some point or another. You’ve just been informed of this crazy and wacky new experience taking a storm across the world. You’re about to play but suddenly you’re overcome with all these emotions.VisitVault looks at these stages that all first time players can relate too. Here we go…Stage 1What?What indeed! Here you are, going about your business, enjoying your everyday life until that recommendation hits you one day. A friend...

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Argus Leader Story on Escape 605 Opening

Argus Leader caught up in early December to talk about our January opening. Teams of two to 10 people have to crack the code in 60 minutes or less to unlock the room. “It is an adrenaline-rushed 60 minutes of everyone working together to decipher all the clues, and it takes a group effort to get to the end result,” Stockberger said, describing the experience as the game of Clue meets the reality show The...

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MON - THURS........... 5 PM - 10:30 PM
FRI - SUN........... 9 AM - 10:30 PM

Empire Mall Location

MON - SAT.......... 10 AM - 9:00 PM
SUN........... 12 PM - 6 PM
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Escape 605 is a live escape game designed to challenge your mind and senses with clues, puzzles, gadgets and teamwork, all blended together to accomplish one common goal....ESCAPE the room!