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Will I be playing with strangers?

UPDATE:  During COVID, all reservations are private. You may depending on the size of your party. We try to fill rooms to ensure any participants wanting to play get to experience the fun. Also the more teammates the better!!

Would this be something I could use as a team building experience?

Absolutely!! Escape 605 is the ultimate way for teams to work together as a well oiled teamwork machine to reach the ultimate goal of escaping the room or hitting the bullseye! Many Sioux Falls’ companies have already booked us for their team building experiences and have had a blast! We are able to accommodate your […]

What happens if we don’t escape in time?

A trap door will open in the floor & you will be kicked out into the parking lot! Just kidding, seeing if you’re paying attention 🙂 It is up to each party if they want a debriefing on what clues, puzzles they missed, or if they want to sign up and give it another shot.

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