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What is the price?

$29.95/person plus tax for one-hour axe throwing $29.95/person plus tax for an escape room $19.95/person plus tax for half-hour WALK-IN axe throwing (available downtown only) $5 plus tax for 5 throws $1 plus tax for 1 STUMP nails

Are we really locked in?

No. There is an emergency unlock button in each room, but it is more fun to pretend it isn’t there at all, but you can freely leave the room if you want &/or need.

What if I am claustrophobic?

You will be fine! One of our owners is super claustrophobic…I mean SUPER CLAUSTROPHOBIC (there isn’t an elevator she has ever met that she likes) & she has sailed through tons of rooms without a care in the world. Remember this is a fun gaming experience & you are in sizable rooms & can leave […]

How long will the experience take?

From beginning to end the entire experience is about 90 minutes. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes early to ensure your entire party has signed the appropriate waivers, the experience is 60 minutes long, & we like to debrief your team after whether you escape the room or not.

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